Applicants interested in applying for funding must submit a proposal to The Ampersand Foundation. Although there is no specific format required for your submission, in order to be considered a full proposal for funding should include the following:

  • A brief description of your organisation's purpose and objectives

  • The organisation’s charity number if you have one

  • The details of the project for which you are seeking funding

  • The amount you are requesting

  • Most importantly, how your organisation or project and the public would benefit from the Foundation's support

It is a requirement that all exhibitions supported by The Ampersand Foundation should be free to the public at least one whole day per week.

The Trustees meet once a year in the summer and review all the applications received. NOTE: in 2019 the Trustees will meet in September. The deadline for applications this year is 31 July 2019. Proposals can be submitted either by post or email.

If submitting by post, address the proposal to:

The Ampersand Foundation

c/o Bowmer & Kirkland Ltd

Third floor

21 Conduit Street

London W1S 2XP

If submitting by email, send it to and attach all related materials in Word, Excel or PDF format.

Please note that applications which do not meet the requirements set out above will be rejected without further correspondence being entered into.

Outside of our outstanding commitments we are concentrating on projects outside of London until 2020.