Open School East

Located in a former library in De Beauvoir, East London, Open School East is a free study programme for 12 emerging artists and a space for the commissioning and delivery of innovative public projects and events. We contributed towards Open School East’s second year programme.


We supported the acquisition of Mathias Poledna’s Imitation of Life (2013) and a series of acquisitions for the Tate collection in memory of Michael Stanley. This grant allows Tate to acquire important works by key artists – John Gerrard, David Austen and Abraham Cruzvillegas - who were supported by Michael Stanley throughout his career.  

Nottingham Contemporary

We supported Nottingham Contemporary’s Danh Vo exhibition. The show was the artist’s first large-scale exhibition at a British venue.  It offered audiences, both local and national, a generous first-hand introduction to his unique practice by bringing together several interrelated recent projects.