We supported Tate with a grant for a series of acquisitions for the Tate collection in memory of Michael Stanley. This grant will allow Tate to acquire important Works by key artists – John Gerrard, David Austen and Abraham Cruzvillegas - who were supported by Michael Stanley throughout his career.

Whitechapel Gallery

We supported the Karl Blossfeldt exhibition - a major presentation of the artist’s work in the UK, consisting of over 80 silver gelatin prints made and used during his tutorship. In addition, five rarely-seen large-scale prints were shown. The historic photographs were accompanied by his original publications, a set of working collages made in preparation for his books along with a number of avant-garde writings that embraced his work, including a text by Georges Bataille.


Gasworks is a contemporary art organisation based in South London, housing eleven artists' studios and offering a programme of exhibitions and events, artists’ residencies, international fellowships and educational projects. We supported Gasworks in the renovation of their building and artist studio spaces.